The NCS Investment Accelerator 

NCS Leaders go beyond their annual decarbonisation efforts by investing in high-quality, voluntary NCS carbon credits. They use Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) carbon credits as a complement to deep decarbonization, increasing their annual contribution to climate mitigation, and positively contributing to nature and people.  

The NCS Investment Accelerator galvanizes corporates to go above and beyond the internal decarbonization required to meet the Paris Agreement by investing in high-quality, high-integrity NCS credits. It tracks commitments to retire NCS emission reductions and removals credits made by companies that annually reduce their Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions in accordance with science-based targets. Corporates generate a positive impact on nature and people, and mitigate negative impacts on the climate, through their investments in NCS credits.

Watch the videos of the NCS Leaders explaining how high quality NCS carbon credits complement their annual decarbonization by counterbalancing their unabated emissions year or year, and how the NCS projects they invest in also contribute to biodiversity conservation and benefit communities, and in particular indigenous peoples and local communities’ members.

Who has joined so far

The NCS Investment Accelerator aggregates the commitments of the following companies.

They plan to retire 3,474,000 credits between 2021 and 2025 (aggregate amount).

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Environmental Resources Management -ERM
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These companies have all demonstrated that their use of NCS raises their climate ambition, being used to go above and beyond the necessary internal decarbonization (abatement) required at the level of each company in order to meet and exceed Paris Agreement-aligned goals.

A demonstration of high integrity

The requirements to join the NCS Investment Accelerator have been established by the NCS Alliance, a multistakeholder coalition, which includes businesses, NGOs and solution providers, that believes that NCS carbon credits should be used to compensate – on both a voluntary and compliance basis – for some hard-to-abate emissions on the journey to net zero.

The requirements include having made a solid commitment to decarbonization, and in particular a strategy that is consistent with the Paris Agreement and follow the mitigation hierarchy. Corporates should use NCS credits in the context of applying the GHG mitigation hierarchy to reduce scope 1-3 emissions in support of sector decarbonization at a rate consistent with achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement, and undertaking other actions such as low carbon policy advocacy, scaling renewables and investing in low carbon technologies.

The NCS Investment Accelerator is supported by the NCS Alliance. The NCS Alliance brings together businesses, NGOs and solution providers to identify opportunities and barriers to investment into carbon credits in new and existing markets in order to scale up financing for natural climate solutions. The Alliance also serves as a forum for knowledge sharing and technical capacity building to ensure natural climate solutions reach their full potential in abating climate change.

News & insights


Requirements for Joining the NCS Investment Accelerator

This document captures the criteria that define which companies are eligible to contribute; the format of the accepted NCS commitments; the list of the voluntary standards accepted by the NCS Investment Accelerator; and the annual tracking requirements.

NCS Investment Accelerator Registration Form

Through this form, a company can confirm is alignment to the Requirements to Join and provide the information about its commitment to retire NCS credits from 2021 to 2025.

NCS Investment Accelerator FAQ

This document aims at answering to the most common questions related to the NCS Investment Accelerator. It complements the Requirements to Join NCS Investment Accelerator.

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