The Natural Climate Solutions Alliance

Natural Climate Solutions are Nature-based Solutions addressing climate change. Natural climate solutions (NCS), include actions that protect healthy ecosystem, improve the management of working lands, and restore all types of land and coastal ecosystem; they can provide around 30% of the emissions reductions needed to limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2030. In addition, they provide many socio-economic and environmental benefits, such as the preservation and restoration of biodiversity, the provision of ecosystem services and supporting sustainable livelihoods. But despite their vast potential, NCS attract very little public and private investment

The NCS Alliance (NCSA) has been established to convey the voice of businesses, NGOs and solution providers on the need to mobilize a high-integrity demand for high-quality NCS. The NCS Alliance focuses on identifying opportunities and barriers to investment in the NCS voluntary carbon market and also serves as a forum for knowledge sharing and technical capacity building to ensure natural climate solutions reach their full potential in abating climate change.

The members of the NCSA engage in activities that raise awareness, share knowledge and advocate in support of supply and demand-side integrity.

81 members of the NCSA

Learn more about NCS and the Voluntary Carbon Market

  1. NCS credits contribute to mitigating climate change; to promoting biodiversity conservation and supporting sustainable development and livelihoods for local communities and Indigenous People. Read NCS in Action and watch this video. Read NCS in Action, watch this video and read the report Natural Climate Solution Carbon Credits: the role of project developers and communities.
  2. The urgency of the climate crisis requires that businesses demonstrate leadership by counterbalancing year-on-year their annual unabated emissions through the purchase of high-quality Natural Climate Solutions carbon emissions reduction and removal credits. Read Natural Climate Solutions and the Voluntary Carbon Market: A Guide for C-suite Executives and watch this video.
  3. Businesses should plan and implement a procurement strategy designed to identify high quality Natural Climate Solutions credits and avoid the reputational risks associated with purchasing low-quality carbon credits. Read A Buyer's Guide to Natural Climate Solutions Carbon Credits, watch this video and hear from businesses who are NCS Leaders.
  4. Learn more about the procurement process for NCS credits by visiting the NCS Procurement Hub.
  5. Learn about the many acronyms associated with Natural Climate Solutions voluntary carbon credits. Watch this video and learn what NCS, VCM, IC VCM, CCP, IPLC, FPIC, REDD+, J-REDD, VCMI, BVCM mean.

The Natural Climate Solutions Alliance is convened by:

Why Natural Climate Solutions?

NCS interventions are diverse – spanning the protection and conservation, sustainable management and restoration of ecosystems across geographies and socio-economic contexts. These characteristics are important to understand as they ultimately influence the potential biodiversity gains and benefits to people that projects and programs can achieve.

NCS in Action are examples of a diverse range of NCS projects that deliver carbon credits through the protection, improved management and restoration of nature. 



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